Friday, August 18, 2006 $10,000 per day and counting

Almost everyone have heard about Plentyoffish dating site. There was a big buzz about it (and its adsense money) on the different sites several time ago, so my first post and little investigation will be dedicated to Plentyoffish and its owner Markus Frind.

Markus Frind, Number 1 individual Adsense earner in Canada. He makes more than $10,000 per day! This is what Markus say about himself: "I’m also the largest individual adsense publisher, the only site in the top 100 run by one person etc. Plentyoffish is the 3rd largest dating site in north america after yahoo and match." [2]

Earnings History:

  • At Aug. 27, 2003, Markus Frind (markus007) has made posting on WebmasterWorld forum [11] : "I make about $40/day off 1200 visitors. No idea if that is good or bad."
  • At Feb. 27, 2006 he has published a photo of cheque for 901,733 CAD [1] (Nine hundred one thousand seven hundred thirty-three Canadian dollar, about $800,000 USD!)

Good growth, isn't it?

Big Adsense Check
$800,000+ USD Adsense check

Just some raw information about

  • Pageviews/mo: 500 million [3]
  • Platform: Windows Server 2003, Microsoft-IIS/6.0 [13], Microsoft ASP.NET [3]
  • Servers : 2 main servers (database server and web server) [3] and several additional servers [4]
  • Google Pagerank: 5
  • Alexa Rank: 679
  • Site expenses: $5,400 for hosting/month, Instant Messenger is around $8,000/month. AdWords expenses are not disclosed.

Some interesting information about Markus Frind

  • Age: 28 years old [6]
  • Height: 6' 0" (183 cm) [6]
  • Sign: Gemini [6]
  • He started Plentyoffish site because he had to learn ASP.NET and he doesn’t want to buy a book [7]
  • He is Titan! [8]
  • He Never bothered reading books, magazines [9]
  • He said Plentyoffish traffic = 3 X traffic.. [2]
Markus Frind and his girlfriend

Marcus Frind is a good IT & math specialist. Let's examine a excerpt from his comment [5]:

"What I keep saying is that Plentyoffish runs on a handful of servers everyone else needs hundreds of servers, not just one big dating sites but all the major dating sites. Many other dating sites have tried to stay free and they have all crashed and burned because the costs where so huge. being the latest one.

A few years ago I created a algorithm that found sequences of primes several thousand times faster then the other fastest known algorithm. [link] People used hundreds of computers and super computers to find the last record over the course of 5 years. I found it on a single machine after a few days.

Plentyoffish is built the same way, it requires a fraction of the infrastructure everyone else has, and its built on technology that can't be cloned and is 20-80 times faster then what every other dating site and social network has."

Some Key features of Plentyoffish success:

  1. Interesting and easy-to-remember domain name.
  2. Site Simplicity. Easy navigation and plainness. No AJAX, no WEB 2.0, just naked functionality. Ugly design, but there are interesting opinions about that, see [10]
  3. Membership is completely free.

Other Sites of Markus Frind

Markus Frind has a bunch of other sites, running adsense, but they are not so successful as Plentyoffish. Some of quite interesting Markus Frind's sites:

At the end

At the end, interesting part from Markus Frind interview [12] about future of Internet advertising:

"Adsense and YPN will be standard components of any business models. There will eventually be a massive market place where you just select a age range, city gender etc and your ads will be shown to people matching your demographics. More tools will be developed to track users intentions and monetize them. If you own a site about horses and someone was thinking about buying a car a week ago while searching the net, your horse site may display car ads. We will eventually see online ads approach the ROI of offline ads or even exceed them as monetization of intentions\preferences takes hold."


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Me said...

Im wondering how he can make that much a day? If people like his site why would they click out of it onto another site? I make about $2.00 a week on

haha I just need a few million more people on my site...

Honey HH said...

Must be a very good business strategy then. I mean page layout, etc.

What is more amazing is that, he's not even using Web 2.0 and stuff.

Definitely not just luck.


Shawn Mattson said...

Update: I'm still blacklisted as of 5-29-07

Markus Frind of Canada, owner of

Re: your unfair termination of my membership and your anti-male,
discriminatory, fraudulent and unlawful business model.

Why did you delete my profile and terminate my membership on July 3, 2006 at
8:57 PM?

You did so without any notice or explanation. In fact, you deceived me as to
the reason, resulting in my wasting a lot of my time. Consequently, the next
day, I spent six hours attempting to log on. At first, I assumed your site
was down. Then, I adjusted my browser privacy setting as your automated
notice suggested (this was your deception). When that didn’t work, I
e-mailed my buddy to see whether he could log on. He was able to do so.
Then, I got suspicious, so I searched for my own profile and found that you
had deleted it. Such a delayed search was the only way I could find out!

The next day, I attempted to register another profile, several times, using
three new usernames. Each of them worked for less than an hour, but I did
not get the administrative deletion message when I searched for each of
those names after they had been deleted. All I got was a deadend, without
any explanation. The first thing I did with the first two new profiles was
to contact all the people I had been commmunicating with, to explaine what
had happened, so I wouldn’t leave them hanging. But, obviously, none of them
got my note because my e-mail was automatically deleted with my profile,
immediately after I sent it.

Consequently, you left about a dozen of my friends hanging, in addition to
many more whom I had contacted for the first time. You therefore damaged
many relationships, frustrated many people, and destroyed the investment we
had made in our relationships, and destroyed the investment of my time I had
made in writing my profile and searching for prospects.

On or about July 4, 2006, I e-mailed your Tech. Support Dept., asking them
why I had been terminated. I have not received any response. I saw no other
recourse posted on your website at that time.

You owe me and my friends better treatment than this. You owe the People of
the United States better treatment. You brag on your website that you are
the largest free dating website, and that you rank #5 overall. Therefore,
you have the responsibility to treat users fairly and to give them proper
notice and explanation of membership termination, because such termination
limits their alternatives to the extent that you brag about, yourself. As
you should know, a provider in a monopoly position, such as yourself, has a
special duty and responsibility to the public.

Your actions are unfair, irresponsible, reckless and monopolistic.

It appears that your business model exploits certain dynamics that drive
your business, to the extreme extent that you unfairly and unlawfully
discriminate against male members to maximize the number of female members
and your advertising revenue. This business is driven by ads posted by
female members, which attract men who respond to initiate contact. Females
initiate only a small fraction of contacts, as you know from your own
statistics. Such facts mirror the real world outside of the Internet.

Consequently, you do anything you can to retain female members to the extent
that you pander to them by terminating male members whenever they get a
certain minimum number of complaints from females, regardless of the merit
of the complaints. However, it’s obvious that you don’t do the same for
complaints by males, as indicated by your unresponsiveness to my complaints
about females who have obviously fraudulent or absurd ads. Some of those ads
are duplicates (they even log on to both profiles in rapid succession). Some
of them state absurdly wide or narrow age ranges. Some are generally absurd
and frivolous. Some are masseuses looking for business. Some are
18-year-olds looking for 55-year-old sugardaddies. Some are obviously
prostitutes. Many of them misstate their height (e.g., they list their
height at 6′, but say they are 5′5″ in their description). I’ve notified you
of many such ads, but you have failed to respond to any of my complaints.

It appears that you program your computers to automatically terminate male
members whenever a minimum number of female members complain, regardless of
the merit of the complaint. In my case, you terminated me at 8:57 PM (your
time) on Tuesday night, July 3, 2006 during a 4th of July weekend. I doubt
anyone was working at POF then, so it appears this process was done
automatically by computer.

I understand that you run this website with only two employees: you and your
wife. But such a low-cost business model is no excuse to discriminate
against male members and to deny them due process. If you don’t have the
resources to handle complaints fairly, you should simply advise complainants
to block mail from members they don’t like, as does.
Complainants don’t have to read mail or profiles they don’t like. As soon as
they read something they don’t like, they need only move on to the next one.

Therefore, terminating male members, based merely upon the number of
popularity votes by female members, is unnecessarily retaliatory,
contemptuous, discriminatory and undemocratic. And it’s unlawful.

You break the law by discriminating against males, defrauding males, and by
knowingly and intentionally allowing fraudulent
ads of female members to remain posted.

You unnecessarily destroy relationships and destroy the investment of time
male members have made in your website. Ironically, you also destroy
investments your female members have made in relationships with male
members. Their male friends just suddenly disappear, without explanation.
You just leave them hanging. They are frustrated and saddened, and the men
appear to have abandoned them, without explanation. That’s de facto
defamation against male members.

And, obviously, your allegation that only 0.5% of your members are
terminated is false, given the circumstances of my termination. I used no
obscene language, nor did I post an obscene profile. And you can’t show why
my profile or written statements are unlawful. Therefore, if you terminate
men like me, you must terminate a much higher % of male members than you
state you do. That’s fraud, too.

And my style of communicating is nothing like the widespread unethical,
sexist, anti-social, psychotic, irrational behavior I have observed among
your female members. And those are the people who seek to retaliate against
men by clicking on the “abuse” button.

Your Terms of Use are stated so vaguely that they would allow you to
arbitrarily terminate any member for any reason. For example, anyone might
interpret any statement as “mean” or “offensive.” Anytime anyone expresses
an opinion about anything, someone will be offended.

The fact that the largest free dating website in the U.S. is allowed to post
and execute such sloppy, primitive, ignorant and unlawful Terms of Use is a

The fact that you don’t charge a membership fee is irrelevant. You
monopolize your market, and you deny arbitrarily terminated male members any
viable alternative. You have already put such alternatives out of business,
or you have taken so much market share from them that they aren’t viable
alternatives. Ironically, you created your own argument against your

In addition to the above violations, you perpetrate racketeering, in
violation of U.S. Federal RICO Statutes.

Two of your competitors, Yahoo and are being sued by many parties
for perpetrating violations of law similar to yours.

Therefore, if you fail to reinstate my membership, by Wednesday, July 12,
2006, I will take the following legal action against you:

I will file complaints with the following government agencies:

1. All 50 U.S. State Attorneys General

2. The U.S. Attorney of Phoenix, AZ.

3. Various government agencies in Canada

4. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission

5. The U.S. Dept. of Justice.

6. The FBI.

Also, I will solicit similarly terminated former male members to participate
in a class-action lawsuit against you. I will be using the same attorneys
who are suing your competitors.

Time is of the essence. I am losing friends and romantic opportunities as
you read this, and my damages continue to mount.


Shawn Mattson, XWallstreeter

Unknown said...

its a wonder this Shawn Mattson guy is still single... ladies should jump all over that...

...yeah... he whines a lot and apparantly has a martyrdom complex... but he does seem to write a lot.

David said...

Bill, you’d be amazed at what happens when you prevent people from emailing you if they haven’t read the FAQ.

but if they have read the FAQ you seem to just delete them anyway ?

ok so I sent an email to every type of option. I am at a loss now what to to if you can not be contacted I supose i can only mail you each time hoping that one day I might get a reply.

please tell me why my profile keeps getting deleted


Unknown said...

Woh woh woh, is it true to make that much of Google Adsense??? I remember I visited his site a few months ago when searching for a dating link exchange for my Russian dating site, he has a 729x60 google ads on the site, how come this ONLy ad generate that much money?
If it is true, then I am impressed.

Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...
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BM said...

i know an other person who makes thousands of dollars through these ads........He is Jason Calacanis can check the blog post at you know that he made $1 million through these ads.........


Orchid38 said...

I am not a fan of Plentyoffish. The site and it's moderators post rules and put on a good act, but they allow alot of bullying, prejudice and plain hatred to be posted in the forums on that site. I have saved many, many posts where "fat, chubby, overweight" people are made fun of, called names and the things that are said are simply wrong. This same attituide goes on for ugly people, color, anyone not the norm(which is thin, beautiful, with money and just seeking sex). I was banned tonight from posting because I complained of a particular bad post-so many nasty comments were made, yet I was banned until 2025 from posting in the forums because of a post I made over 7 months ago? (makes no sense, )I had posted about a man I met who tried to basically rape me..I was nice about it, mentioned no names, but was told I could not post this, and it was deleted..NO mention of being banned. I saw plenty of posts after this where the women and men posted names, tags and more info, yet those posts were let go and stayed posted. Tonight, I was banned because I dared speak up and say the moderators and owners sucked. They allow bigotry and hatred to EXPOUND on this site and now I see why..They make MONEY doing it..
Facts are this..The world is full of different people, yet POF allows their forums to be used to expoud hatred, discrimination, and more. They do little to stop this.

They say one thing in their rules-yet allow another. Tonight they showed me their total disregard and bigotry towards my feelings and my concerns over this post made by this man. Almost without fail, everytime you log in to the site, you read some post that is slamming someone based on their body shape, appearnce, race, sex, or some other category. It is nothing to do with advice, dating and helping one another...ALMOST all my posts have been decent..On the rare occasion, I have allowed my anger at the stupidity of the post to get to me and I post back a nasty comment..So to be banned because I complained over a post and then have them lie and use a past post to ban me..shows me how little this site actullay polices itself and it's members... I think POF needs to answer for allowing their site to be used to post prejudice, bigotry and sexual remarks that have nothing to do with dating or that fit in with their guidelines.. FREE does not mean FREE to spread hatred, prejudice and discrimination..

Ann Onymous said...

Sorry but I think POF is great. And I chatted with some of the guys I met there before posting this and they haven't had any problems there either. It may not be pretty but it's easy to use.
And the comment about the forums? Why do you sit and read it if it's offensive? Why do you leave something offensive on the radio or the TV when they both have an ON/OFF button?
Some people just like having something to complain about.

justincredible said...

I know a guy who runs few blogs using blogspot earns 18000 USD/day.He has few gossip,movie,news blogs.However he has refused to disclose his name and his blogs.I think there are thousands of adsense big earners who just don't want to reveal themselves.

Friend Next Door said...

It's true that PoF is blooming now but I don't think it will continue for long. When he started working on his site there were not so many dating sites in Canada and most sites charged membership fee. Now there are a lot of free dating sites (like and soon people will realize it. Personally I prefer sites that actually care about their members and can handle customer support but PoF with 1 employee and millions of members simply cannot do it. For him you're just one little drop in the sea.

bollywood girls said...

i like your blog ....

SneakerTecato said...

guaranteed by the end of 2009 Plenty of Fish wont have anything on Watch it Grow people

Unknown said...

Interesting story the internet makes millionaires everyday.

Unknown said...

@Me--i think people will click out from the site it's because the site emphasize more on the ads rather than going into the site.

Free Online Dating on said...

I run a site for a couple of months now called it has Google ad sense too and i just earned $50USD it is really hard to get visitors. how did he do that?

Unknown said...

He makes some good points.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

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